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Translations on the Fly | Francesca Airaghi

Translations on the Fly | Francesca Airaghi

How long does it take to complete a (good) translation? 
I could translate 2,000 words in less than 30 minutes”, a potential client said to me, declining my offer to deliver the job within close of business on the same day. “Wow, how quick you can type!”, I thought*.
Translators may be superheroes with resources beyond imagination, though there are objective or reasonable limits to be considered. In general terms, a professional specialised translator can translate around 2,500-3,000 words per day, but there is a but.

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João Esteves disse...

Certainly. I can proceed at a good clip whenever the subject is familiar enough, which happens often with all sorts of continuations, and can also get stuck anywhere along the way, whenever hard-to-fetch information is needed. My average is about the same as the general one you mention here, depending of course on a number of circumstances. I'm not fast (or good) at all at typing.